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Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Conditions are governed by Italian substantive law. Any dispute regarding the content or use of the Sites will be transferred to the sole jurisdiction of the Tribunale di Forlì-Cesena.

In any case, all disputes concerning consumers will be subject to substantive law and to the jurisdiction mandated by consumers in accordance with applicable law.


These General Sales Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “CGV”), as well as the “Personal Data” and “Legal Notes” sections, are applicable to the “” eCommerce website (hereinafter “IGVANA Online Shop” or the” Site “), which proposes the sale of brand watches IGVANA (hereinafter referred to as” Products “) to be delivered to the world. Each Order made on the Online Shop IGVANA has the full acceptance of these GGVs by the customer who concludes the purchase (hereinafter the “Customer”). These CGVs can be saved and / or printed and are accessible from every page of the IGVANA Online Shop. These CGVs may at any time be subject to modifications, provided that the applicable CGVs are those that the Customer accepts at the time they place the order and are available on the confirmation email of the order. Customer is encouraged to save the information that appears on that email.


The Site, which specifically includes the Online IGVANA Shop, has Matteo Pascucci, an Italian individual company publisher. Products are offered, sold, billed and shipped by Matteo Pascucci as an individual company.


IGVANA’s online shop allows IGVANA to propose the sale of the Products to Clients having quality final consumers, aged and full of their legal capacity. Sales are retail, and for personal use only.


For each question relating to your order, IGVANA provides Customer Customer Service which can be contacted:
– by email at
– On the IGVANA online shop, by clicking on the link «Contacts»


The products proposed for sale on the IGVANA online shop are described and presented as accurately as possible (technical specifications, images, composition, etc.). However, the Customer is encouraged to refer to the description of each Product, available by clicking on each product card, in order to know its properties and particulars, with specific reference to the features sought, being the choice and purchase of a Product under the exclusive liability.


The prices applied are those reported on the IGVANA Online Shop at the time of order.
The customer is aware that prices can be changed. Therefore, the prices displayed in the “My Account / My Orders” section on the order summary page correspond to the prices paid by the Customer at the time of the previous orders. The function that allows the customer to order a new product through this page makes it possible to sell the same product at a price different from that paid on the day of the previous order. The customer is therefore kindly invited to pay attention to the price at the time of order, which is subject to attention when the product is placed in the shopping cart.
Prices will be shown in Euros (€) including taxes and fees. The total cost will be indicated to the customer on the shopping cart page, as well as on the summary page of the order, before final order confirmation.

2. Order


Forwarding the order by the Customer implies, for the same, an obligation to pay; such obligation is expressly accepted and acknowledged by the Customer.
The Customer is invited to select the Product (s) chosen (s) and to place them in the shopping cart by clicking on “Add to cart”. At any time, Customer may proceed with the removal of each Product within the shopping cart display page, running on the shopping cart icon on each page of the IGVANA online shop at the top right.
The customer is invited to consult the summary of his order by clicking on “View the cart”. At this point, he can check the details of his order, find any errors made in the part about compiling his personal data, and then correct them.
After you have validated your shopping cart, clicking on “Conclude Purchases”, the Customer must enter his / her e-mail address and password. In the case of the first order, the customer has the possibility to create his own account by filling in the appropriate registration form. IGVANA can not be held liable for the inaccuracy of the data entered by the Customer. Since the account creation is linked to the submission of an order, registration is reserved only to people who provide a delivery address on the Territory. Creating an account will give you access to a personal space that will allow you to specifically track your orders as well as access your invoices.
To complete the order, the Customer:

– must confirm your delivery and billing address, or indicate a new delivery and / or billing address on the Territory;
– you must be aware of and view these GCGs by expressly accepting them by clicking on “I have read and agreed to the General Terms of Sale” before proceeding with the payment of your order;
– then you are invited to proceed with payment of the total amount of your order by clicking on “proceed with the payment” by accessing the payment section.
– Once the payment has been confirmed, Customer receives, immediately or in any case before delivery, an e-mail of confirmation of your order.

The Customer will formally accept the use of e-mail as a means of confirmation by IGVANA of the content of the order.


Product bids are limited to the amount of stock available. Information on the availability of the Product (s) is provided at the time of posting the order, on the Product pages. The Customer therefore has the opportunity to inquire and be informed of the future availability of the Product (s) by e-mail. If it is apparent that despite IGVANA’s verifi- cation and diligent checking, the Ordained Product (s) are / are no longer available, IGVANA informs the Customer through any instrument (by telephone or by e- mail) as soon as possible. No charge on the Product (s) unavailable will be made on the Customer’s account, if one or more Products are unavailable.


Once the payment is made, the customer has the option to modify his order by clicking on “Modify”, which appears in the “My Orders” section of the personal area only if the order is being prepared. If this feature does not appear in the “My Orders” section, this means that the order has been sent and that it can no longer be edited or canceled. However, the Client is always able to exercise his right of withdrawal, as described later in Article 5.
In the aforementioned cases, Customer will receive an email notification regarding the cancellation of the order, and will be refunded the amount that, if applicable, will be paid before the cancellation of your order by IGVANA.


The order is completed through Paypal, cash on delivery, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express card cards.
IGVANA uses a secure payment system for each order made on the IGVANA online shop. Payments are made on an external platform through a payment provider – PAYPAL – in compliance with the Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard (PCI / DSS) security rules. .
You can download your invoice from your personal area in the “My Orders” section.

4. Consent and receipt of payments


IGVANA delivers the product (s) ordered in Italy and in the countries eligible. Only one way of delivery is provided and guaranteed within the maximum thirty (30) business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) by express courier, to be received upon receipt of the confirmation email of the order. The delivery takes place Monday to Friday, before 18:00.
The customer will be informed via e-mail of the carrier’s receipt of the parcel as well as of the specific delivery date.
If the delivery is made impossible due to the absence of the Customer at the place for delivery, Customer will be contacted by SMS and / or email in order to reprogram the delivery. As far as possible, a transit notice will still be left at the customer’s domicile.
If the parcel could not be delivered due to an incorrect delivery address, the Customer will be contacted by SMS and / or e-mail in order to inform IGVANA for additional information or a new address to be able to delivery.

In the absence of a response within 10 days, your order will be sent to the deposit.
Delivery conditions information is equally accessible through the Car Validation Page as well as on the order summary page before completing this.
No delivery will be made by IGVANA if it is impossible to complete the payment.


Product Shipping Costs are included in the cost of the product.


Upon delivery of the order, the Customer will check the compliance and status of the order in the presence of the carrier and provide, where appropriate, any observations regarding apparent defects (missing product, damaged package, etc.).
Customer is invited to contact the Customer Service of the IGVANA online shop within fourteen (14) business days (Monday to Friday) after receiving the products. Unless justified, any claim filed out of this term can not be considered.


The Customer has the right to return the Product (s) to IGVANA without giving any reason as provided for in the conditions set out in the following Article 5.
For any other reason other than the exercise of the right of withdrawal (non-conforming or damaged product, error on order content, etc.), Customer is invited to contact the Customer Service of the IGVANA online shop to provide you with information necessary to meet the demand, as far as possible and eventually IGVANA will proceed with a new shipment.

5. Right of withdrawal


The Client is entitled to withdraw from his order without giving any reason within the twenty (20) calendar days, from the day of receipt of the Product (s) ordered; the date stated on the carrier’s receipt, signed by the Customer, is valid. In the case of twenty (20) days falling on Saturday, Sunday or on a public holiday, this term is extended to the next business day (Monday to Friday).
1. Whether returning the Product (s) directly to the Pre-Created, Duly Completed and Signed “Return Form”. This form can be requested by email at;
2. By posting to IGVANA, by e-mail or by post, a statement from which the will to withdraw, on paper or the use of the aforementioned “Return Form” appears unambiguously. This statement must be sent along with the information on returned items and quantities, as well as the name, last name, postal address and order number, and, if possible, the Customer’s telephone number and e-mail address at the following address mail: Matteo Pascucci, Via Ficchio di Pievesestina, 269 – 47522, Cesena (Italy).
In any case, the Product (s) must / must be returned within 20 (twenty) calendar days from the receipt of the Product (s) ordered, as follows ( point 5.2).
In any case, IGVANA reserves the right not to accept the return of the Product (s) for hygienic reasons, as well as sanitation. In particular, in the case of Product (s) sealed (s), IGVANA will not accept the return of sealed cellophane product (s).


In order to return one or more Products, Customer must return, by post, within twenty (20) calendar days from receipt of the Product (s) ordered, the Product (s) IGVANA to the following Address: Matteo Pascucci, Via Ficchio di Pievesestina, 269 – 47522, Cesena (Italy), accompanied by the “Completed Form” for the completed and signed.
Each Product must be returned intact, with the original packaging. In the event of depreciation of the Product (s) due to manipulation of the Product, which is not strictly necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and correct functioning of Product (s), IGVANA reserves the right to refuse reimbursement or replacement of Product (s).


IGVANA will proceed with the repayment of the Product (s) made in accordance with the procedures described in points 5.1 and 5.2 above, as well as the Costs of Shipping paid by the Customer, by accrediting the exact total amount of the credit card used for the payment of order.
In the event of a partial refund of the Products, the Shipping Costs will not be refunded by IGVANA, as the Customer will in any case have benefited from the shipping and delivery service for the Products.
The refund will be made within a maximum of fourteen (14) days after (i) returning the Product / i (ii) on the date on which the Customer provides proof of the shipment of the Product (s) (between the two, will be considered the first in the order of time).