The creation of the pyramid-shaped bag, characterized by the presence of a “hole” on the upper part of the flap, is meant to celebrate the union of opposites. Visually void, the hole symbolises the female receptacle where the forces associated
with the female principle and fire jointly act. The flap also features a second “hole”, identical to the first except that, being visually full, this one symbolizes the male principle where the forces associated with
water act. In this way the Hole-fitted Pyramid Bag symbolizes the universe for even by dwelling on either the shape of the bag or the apparent diversity between male and female, we realise they inherently belong with the bag or, to put it better, everything is the very bag. All is one. The Hole-fitted Pyramid Bag celebrates equality despite diversity, essence despite
shape, a tribute to the individual as a whole. Love is life, a dance where breath and gaze encounter, it only displays through he who is capable of seeing what does not overtly show. A masterpiece of the Made in Italy Haute Couture.

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